The Golden Empire of Esylia.

Vast. Ancient. Powerful. A beacon of culture and knowledge, unrivaled in magic and mercantile pursuits. Long has it stood, stalwart and unyielding, its influence ever reaching out to bring civility to a base and undeserving world. Guided by the benevolent hand of Emperor Tarsius IV, and succored spiritually by the ironclad faith of the Church of White Pillars, the Golden Empire of Esylia has always been, and always will be.

Or, at least, that’s how the story goes.

The endless succession of brushfire wars, military adventurism, and guerrilla raids that have plagued the western expanse for centuries? Simply the price one pays to acquire and hold territory from the empire’s ‘barbaric’ neighbors.

The unbreakable writs of fealty that have shackled the Dwarven clans as vassal and troop for generations? A deserved reward for the empire’s past victories, no matter how they were acquired.

The list goes on.

Many – most, even – are content to live their lives in the security and peace afforded them by Tarsius the Red and the ministrations of the Golden Empire. But some thirst for more. Some desire fortune and glory. Some chafe beneath the empire’s mandates and yearn for life on their own terms. Some need to escape their sins, their pasts, their memories.

For them, the North beckons…

Frontier Tales

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