Character Creation Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines

Ability scores for your character are determined by the point buy system located in the Core Rulebook. You have fifteen (15) points to spend on your ability scores.

All material in the Core Rulebook and the Advanced Player’s Guide may be used for character creation.

All core races and core classes from the above two books are allowed. Alternate racial traits, alternate class features, and core class archetypes from the above two books are allowed.

If your character or class requires certain things not addressed explicitly in these rules (i.e. regarding domains for an invented god), we can decide it on an ad hoc basis.

Knowledge (Local) is not applicable as a skill in this game. If Knowledge (Local) is listed as one of your class skills, you may replace it with a different Knowledge skill.

Characters begin with the maximum amount of starting gold for their class per the table on page 140 of the Core Rulebook (i.e. 180 gp for a barbarian). Gear may be selected from the Core Rulebook, the Advanced Player’s Guide, and the Ultimate Equipment. Once all gear has been purchased, the character may pick one item in their possession and make it Masterwork at no cost. When choosing gear, keep in mind that the gear strapped to their back constitutes the whole of their worldly possessions at the start of the campaign.

In addition to the languages listed in the Core Rulebook, characters have the option of becoming proficient in Old Esylian and High Esylian. Old Esylian is a dead language, most commonly encountered in ancient Human texts. High Esylian is the language of nobility, the high court, and the Church.

Background Considerations

For one reason or another, your character has decided to abandon his or her old life and travel north to a mysterious, dangerous frontier. Many head north to seek their fortunes – not only is the frontier a land of stunning natural resources, but rumors hold of ancient ruins brimming with gold and artifacts. Others find life in the Golden Empire stifling and unsatisfying. Some are fleeing their pasts, viewing the anonymity of the north as a chance to start again. And, of course, there are those who head north to fleece the rest. Think about why your character is making for the frontier.

As varied as the reasons people have for heading north are the regions they are leaving behind. So expansive is the Golden Empire that most every environment and biome is represented in some form or another, with a correspondingly unique culture, religion, and personality. Since you won’t be returning to it any time soon, think about what your homeland within the empire is like. What is it called? What is the terrain like? Are there any local gods or spirits that are worshipped? What are one or two unique cultural traits or habits practiced by the people? Let your mind run wild.

The brief descriptions regarding the non-human races are only examples of what might be found within the borders of the empire. If you have a character concept that doesn’t match with one of these, not a problem! Come up with what you think might be neat and we can hash out the details.

At its core, the Golden Empire is a framework to allow the construction of individually unique backgrounds. If you are absolutely stumped for ideas, chat with me and we can brainstorm up a region, culture, or whatever that is appealing.

Character Creation Guidelines

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